We all have had our favorite hat, visor, or shirt at some point in our lives. Only to have it ripped from our clutches by a sneaky friend, or a night of too much booze and loss of memory. That’s just how Sideline Swagger started; to fill the void of those lost pieces but has grown into a lifestyle.

Seven guys from Texas Tech started the evolution of this company years ago. People thought is was cool so Josh Abbott and Dru Ammons took the brilliance of the first designs (James Tate) and are running with it.

Our goal is to always outfit you with something that has style and a fresh take on what you wear to tailgate, games, on the course and at the bar. It’s time we gave the loyal alumni and up and comers on campus the best to wear on Gameday. Because, well, you are the best. You drink the tastiest brew. You always look the best and only know the best. If you think lower back tattoos of dolphins are cool, or that cargo shorts have a place in OUR society then we probably aren’t your brand…We are the ELITE.

Don’t you worry, Texas Tech is not our end game, it’s just the beginning! We are working with several other Universities on licensing including TCU and Texas A&M. Stay tuned…

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